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At Haval Hatfield, we pride ourselves on superior customer care, backed by a team of talented people who are ready to assist you in getting behind the wheel of a brand new Haval vehicle. Haval is GWM’s new professional SUV brand and is the number one SUV manufacturer in China. Now available in South Africa, Haval Hatfield offers both cross country and city SUVs. Browse our vehicle showroom today or book a service when you require it.

Brace yourself for a phenomenal driving experience like no other in South Africa



HAVAL’s bestselling models such as the All-New HAVAL H6, are equipped with the 2.0 GDIT+7DCT. "Double Top Ten" golden power combination independently developed by Great Wall Motor, with stronger power and lower fuel consumption.


Intelligent safety

Adhering to the vehicle manufacturing concept of “safety first”, HAVAL aims to produce the safest SUV. HAVAL has established the design concept of "passenger and driver safety, pedestrian safety and vehicle safety three-dimensional protection" (3DP) and took the lead in establishing the vehicle safety technology R&D system and the safety performance positive development process in the industry.

Intelligent safety
Haval H9


The 1.5GDIT engine independently developed by Great Wall Motor won the title of China Best Ten Engine 2017. The 1.5GDIT engine owns 92 patents and has complete intellectual property rights. There is also the 7DCT independently developed by Great Wall Motor is awarded as the World Best Ten Transmission. It is the first dual-clutch transmission independently developed by Chinese brands in a true sense, with an integrated transmission rate up to 95% and ultra-high system reliability.



As a complete AI Internet of Vehicles system, HI-LIFE ,the new generation of intelligent connected system, has access to Baidu's powerful ecology of content, service and application, providing users with a terrific vehicle-mounted interactive experience.



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It’s Spring and the #HAVAL H6 is in full bloom. From its punchy 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine to its digital driver interface, the new H6 is clearly our most advanced SUV yet.

#Spring #SUV #H6


The Jolion has a big personality. From sleek lines to aluminium alloy wheels that grip the road – no element of sophistication has been spared. Finished with LED headlights and taillights, this elegant SUV is sure to get attention on and off the road.

#HAVAL #SUV #Jolion


Go alone or call the crew. Whatever works for you, your #Jolion fits your every mood so start living outside the box.

#HAVAL #SUV #LiveOutsideTheBox


Spring reminds us of that new car smell. If you are ready for a new season, it’s time for a new SUV. Get to know why the #Jolion is becoming one of SA's favourite cars.

#HAVAL #SUV #Spring

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